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ISO 22000 Food and Safety Management System(FSMS) Foundation Course


With this one day foundation course we will introduce you to one of the most widely used standards for Food Safety Management in the world. You will learn about the various aspects of food safety management systems. You will learn about the various clauses contained in ISO 22000 standard and the benefits of having it implemented in your organization. This comprehensive overview will assist your organization in reorganizing the international standard, its aims to harmonies the requirement for food safety management throughout the food supply chain.

Who should attend?

  • Any individual looking forward to take an career in Food Industry
  • Individual wish to learn audit against the ISO 22000 standard
  • Professionals wanting to gain a comprehensive knowledge in Food Safety Management
  • Management representatives

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding of the development, application, implementation and interpretation of quality management systems related to ISO 22000
  • Understand the purpose of a food safety management system with relevance to the principles of food safety management
  • Understand how to interpret the requirements of ISO 22001
  • Understand the meaning of various food safety management terms such as processes, procedures, food safety manual, audits, certification, accreditation and many more.

Course Agenda:

  • Introduction to FSMS
  • History of FSMS
  • Objective & Process Model
  • Principals and clauses under ISO 22000
  • Fame work & Improvements
  • Conducting Audit
  • Certified Exam

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